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我們全年幫助全球範圍內的大量旅客推廣您的物業。將您的業務列入ChineseTravelLinks.com可確保您的業務與消費者信賴的最佳產品相媲美。我們定期審查和評估我們的業務,不斷增加業務並刪除低於我們標準的業務,無論其品牌,規模或從屬關係如何。 沒有其他網站提供商的佣金限制。 我們將俱樂部會員和公共用戶引導至您的官方網站或預訂系統。 最大化您的收入潛力 我們易於使用的工具和世界一流的銷售和支持團隊可幫助您優化策略,以填補您的房間並增加收入。


欲了解更多信息和價格,請聯繫Lucy Wang先生,電子郵件地址為




We helping market your property to a large audience of travelers worldwide, year-round. Having your business listed in ensures that your business is seen beside the best collection that consumers trust. We review and rate our business on a regular basis, continuously adding business and removing ones that fall below our standards, regardless of brand, size or affiliation. 

NO COMMISSION RESTRICTIONS like other site providers.

We directing our club members and public users to your official website or booking system.

Maximize your revenue potential

Our easy-to-use tools and world class sales and support teams help you optimize your strategy to fill your rooms and increase revenue.

For more information and pricing contact Miss Lucy Wang on

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